Darwin’s Blob


Ever wondered how Darwin’s Evolution managed to develop a complete system as complex as … well, as you? So have many other people. But quite recently, some prominent scientists have been seriously undermining Darwin’s theory.

In a book published in 2016, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, by Robert J. Marks II, William A. Dembski, and Winston Ewert (see this link), Darwin’s idea of the evolutionary development of, for example, new body organs, limbs, or appendages that contribute to the body as a whole, is seriously challenged.

The book is somewhat advanced, however. To understand and fully appreciate its concepts probably requires a good knowledge of biology and mathematics. However, it contains an unassailable set of arguments that effectively challenge the key components of the Darwinian theory!

If this book is a tad too advanced for you, then why not try the following poem? This little rhyme presents similar ideas in … well … a bit of a different way…

Darwin’s Blob

by Michael A. Barber

I’m a poor lonely microbe;
I live here in this murky pool.
I’m not much to look at;
Just a pinprick, so miniscule.

I don’t have arms or legs,
I just float around and squirm;
Bumping into things all the time.
I’m really not very firm.

But wait dear friend,
Don’t leave just yet;
Something’s happening inside me,
Perhaps something I’ll regret.

Oops, I’ve broken up…
No, wait just a minute;
I’m not breaking up; my one blob is now two.
Do you think I’m now complete?

These two blobs, a bit wobbly they seem.
What fun I’m having though.
Now I bounce twice as far,
I’m an agile little fellow!

Ouch! I’m splitting once again;
These two funny blobs are four.
Now they are eight, and on they go.
No end in sight, just more and more.

I want to make this body complete;
I’m so soft and fragile and cold.
I’d truly love to skip to the end.
I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t.

But something else is now sprouting.
I don’t know how this happens.
It’s a long, spindly arm;
This must be some new talent!

But another now has grown.
What do I do with this?
It’s shrivelled, black, and weak.
Something is very amiss!

Now I’m just an awful mess,
Like an octopus on steroids.
Dozens of useless dried-up limbs,
Or am I getting paranoid?

Oops, look! One has dropped off.
Now another! It’s a barber’s hangover!
Oh dear, I must be falling apart;
Now that’s me all over!

Now I’m naked, an all-round blob!
But wait, one limb remains!
So how come that’s still there?
It’s sticking out like a tower crane!

Something is growing on the end.
A bony finger slender and long.
I can bend that too with just my mind.
What a clever blob!

Another grows beside it;
How it matches in every way!
Even with the nails and knuckles.
How this is done I cannot say.

Now this one finger has become four,
I can reach and grasp and pull.
Pity I have no mouth,
I’d fill it ’til it’s full!

Look! There’s something out there;
Tasty, juicy, making me succumb.
I’ve really got to have it,
But I’m all fingers and no thumbs.

So here comes another digit!
Just one knuckle, strange as can be.
It helps me to grasp.
Such is chance. What a mystery!

Ouch! A hole is opening way up here;
It flaps around so free.
What use is this big mouth,
To a feisty survivor like me?

Now a fatty tongue is growing;
Soft, flat, wet and free.
Perhaps I’ll use it to taste my food,
Or present a soliloquy.

Now food is getting scarce and hard.
This mouth is useless I say in truth.
Something tougher I need now;
I’ll strain my will and make a tooth.

Protruding from this fleshy mouth,
A hardened tooth comes poking through.
Fashioned with an edge like flint,
How these things just come on cue!

But here another grows beside it.
Better still with a chiselled point;
Now I cut and tear my food;
I’m glad it isn’t blunt!

But look! Still another graces my mouth,
Same length, same height.
But this is such a marvel!
It grinds tough food with an appetite.

Now a craftsman I really must be.
Matching pairs of teeth so thin.
In the sides of this fleshy mouth,
Each one sporting a Siamese twin.

But miracles never cease to amaze,
Look! An upside-down matching set.
Now grinding teeth have work to do.
How pure chance does play roulette!

A matching set too my arm does crave.
It’s sad and lonely and wandering free.
Here’s another, a mirror-view match!
This is so cool for a blob like me.

I grasp and eat, yet graceful I’m not.
How can this blob be free?
Ah, legs I’ll create, appendages many.
No, just two will do, I won’t need three!

At the end of these legs long and firm
Is a knobbly round bit, useless and small.
My movement is jerky, and painful at that.
I must have some feet, to make me stand tall.

For a little finesse, I’ll add knuckles too,
And some hard nails, to make walking a breeze.
Oh I love matching sets!
I do aim to please.

Now I’m swimming with the fish, but better am I;
They’re no match for me.
A maker of limbs
That have now set me free.

I crawl onto land carrying my big brain;
I’ll make myself better, just with my mind!
I’ll make music, games, computers, and rockets.
There’s no stopping me, I’ll become humankind!

So here ends my tale.
I tell you in truth,
I’m a master of fiction;
For this little blob is mute!

The End

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