The Ponderables

Over the years I have worked with individuals of various faiths and disciplines (including Jesuit Priests, politicians, and prominent scientists) on key questions, and had deep and meaningful discussions on how those questions compare with the teachings found in the Bible.

If you prefer a short-cut to the condensed conclusion of these discussions, it is this: the preponderance of ideas and beliefs that are found to be extra-biblical, cloud the path to the evidence which supports the Bible as the ultimate source that satisfies this “thirst for answers.”

Some subjects born from much research (and some yet to be added) include:

■ A Scientific Challenge to Darwin
Pieces Make the Machine and the Machine Makes the Pieces
Mutations – “Raw Material” of Evolution?
What’s all this about “dependencies”?
Dynamic Protein Folding
Machines Making Machines!
Water, Water, Not Everywhere
Do All Scientists Support Darwin?
The Articulate Architect
A Dinosaur Fossil That is Not Completely Fossilized!
Definition of Time
Dynamic Recycling — Not a Legacy of Natural Selection

For another example, I had regular conversations some years ago with a member of the Bahai (or Baha’i) faith. They are followers of the prophet Baha-u’llah. is a web site created from the research I did during that time. It lists 40 points that the Baha’i’s believe and which differ from, and are illuminated by, the teachings of the Bible. If you wish to review this site to examine these points, please click here.

If you are interested in the Mormon faith (the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints), then you might benefit from my blog at