Verses — Educational and Entertaining

I used to test myself on my knowledge of scriptures using a narrow-ruled book with a margin. I would put Bible book, chapter and verse in the margin, then a summary of the contents of the verse on the rest of the line. I’d then cover up the margin entry with a ruler (sorry, a ‘rule’) and read out the text line by line, trying to guess the location of the scripture; book, chapter, and verse.

After that, I’d take the rule away, cover up the text of the scriptures with some paper, and try and guess what each of the scripture references actually said.


The program ‘Verses’ is a variation on this theme. If you want to brush up your knowledge of the scriptures, particularly the location of key scriptures, then this tool will help you and provide a fun way of keeping you sharp. Included in the program are puzzles such as ‘Jumbled Words’ — the Bible verse is displayed with all the words jumbled up, and you have to guess the correct order; ‘Find the Missing Words’ displays the verse with three words missing, and you have to guess from the selection provided which words should fit.

Verses has been written in C# as a bit of programming exercise. It works okay on older versions of Windows, as well as on Windows 10. And of course it’s completely safe to download and install.

The text is based on the New World Translation, I’m afraid only the 1984 edition, so no new wording available yet.

You can edit the difficulty levels for every single verse in the Bible (if you have the patience). It will accept any value from 1 to 9. 1 = Easy, 2 = Medium, 3 = Hard. Additional levels are available for those who have enormous spare time on their hands and absolutely love playing this game. The program works by randomizing the entire collection of verses and then working through these until another set of randomized verses is needed. All the puzzles use full randomization so that you will probably never see the same question twice, no matter how many times you play. For example, the ‘Match Up The Scriptures’ puzzle always takes the next correct scripture verse that has been chosen in the randomized sequence, and then randomly selects the remaining four wrong answers to complete the question.

Have fun!

Download it here… (you may need to select the ‘Keep’ option in some versions of Windows; don’t worry, it’s certified virus free!) If you are running this on Windows 8 or 10, it’s best to select compatibility mode for Windows Vista — it will run ok without this, but will be a bit repetitive, as the selection of random verses will be reset each time the program is run.