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Designomics: from the Latin word designare “mark out, devise,” and Greek nomos “managing”; hence its full meaning involves managing design and creativity.

I have used the name Designomics for many decades now; even though the name has been plagiarised by others a few times since. The meaning of the name, and the reason I used it so often, is as profound as existence itself. The question of how the universe came about and how life appeared within it, is the principle message of this site. There are no divisive religious considerations on these pages. The discussions are dominantly scientific — along with a good measure of common sense and logic. But the message is simple: the concept of *design* (intentional precise order and arrangement) and its supporting evidence is everywhere around us! And its study is both fascinating and rewarding. Where this evidence leads . . . is left up to the reader to decide.

There are, however, a few additional pages here that you might find interesting; for example, check out the Humour section! And make sure you visit the Posts section where there are many pages on a variety of topics.

Try out a few sample pages, or select from the menu at the top (the  symbol if you are on a mobile):

The Fastest Machine On Earth

The Most Amazing Creature On Earth!

How Much Do You Know About Spider Silk?

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Junk DNA’?

Freudian Slips and the Darwinian Psyché

How Much of the Universe Has Been Fine-tuned?

How Much Do Scientists *Really* Know?

The Fundamentals

Is an Economic Collapse Looming?

Darwin’s Blob

A Scientific Challenge to Darwin

Mutations — “Raw Materials”?

The Articulate Architect


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