Are You Ready to Enter a New World?

How can you make *design* work for you — on every level? Whether you are writing, developing a computer program, creating graphical imagery, photos, logos, web pages, sales material, or just contemplating the concept itself, per se … I am sure you will find the aspects of design covered in this web site both fascinating and useful …


Designomics: from the Latin word designare “mark out, devise,” and Greek nomos “managing”; hence its full meaning involves managing design and creativity.

So, are you ready to enter a new world?

Try out a few samples, or select from the  menu:

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Junk DNA’?

Freudian Slips and the Darwinian Psyché

How Much Do You Know About Spider Silk?

How Much of the Universe Has Been Fine-tuned?

How Much Do Scientists *Really* Know?

The Fundamentals

The Fastest Machine On Earth

The Most Amazing Creature On Earth!

Is an Economic Collapse Looming?

Darwin’s Blob

A Scientific Challenge to Darwin

Mutations — “Raw Materials”?

The Articulate Architect


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