mab200Michael is a software engineer, an IT transitional analyst, a Systems Analyst/Programmer, and a Technical Author. Born in Lancashire, in the UK. Graduated from College with distinctions in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. He first realised his passion for writing at the age of eight when the entire primary school class was instructed to listen to a piece of classical music and simply write whatever came to mind. Many students wrote small essays, some wrote nothing at all. But the class looked on while Michael wrote a three page essay describing the emotions evoked by seaside waves rolling onto shore and crashing against the rocks.

Thus began a long and fruitful love affair with writing.

In his early years, Michael wrote a number of articles for local and regional newspapers. Later he published technical articles and collaborated on the production of business journals and manuals for the commercial sector. He subsequently published a number of short stories, novels, and non-fiction works, including:

  • Charlie the Earwig, a children’s story about a feisty and accident prone young Earwig.
  • The Dresden Bombing, a historical novel set against the backdrop of the famous allied bombing of the German town of Dresden.
  • The Trinity — In Light of the Harmony of the Holy Scriptures, a systematic, scholarly work which deals with one of the principle doctrines of Christendom comparing each major support text with its immediate and remote context and using original-language comparisons.
  • An Outcry of Silence, a story of friendship and loyalty against the backdrop of a cruel and oppressive government; a friendship that gives rise to a powerful resistance that ultimately endeavors to obtain complete freedom.

(See the Books section.)

Professional memberships and achievements: the Institution of Analysts and Programmers, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, a Certified Data Scientist, a Microsoft Certified Professional, and a member of Mensa.